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Receptions' Room

Nicolardi Hotel’ s structure affords a wide and elegant receptions’ room characterized by  a warm and comfortable environment, thus creating the ideal place to celebrate every type of ceremony, connoted by originality and exclusivity. Nothing is left to chance and every element that contributes to the event’s organization is useful for the final success.

Weddings, degrees, Communions, business meetings, anniversaries and birthdays are impeccably managed by the hotel’s direction, and customers may choose an informal and youth solution or a more classic and elegant one. Each event or ceremony is characterized by a total versatility, thanks to our staff’s professionalism and experience.

Quality and professionalism are clear in each single detail, starting from the courses, that are laid out like islands, thus creating wide open spaces in order to animate the ceremony and to allow the circulation of white gloved waiters who ensure a continuous and discrete presence being always ready at the right moment.

Fanciful place card, sophisticated styled cutlery, pure ceramic plates in tune with the choice of the tablecloth and crystal glasses emphasize and exalt a preparation appropriately designed according to the tone of the event, generating a so intense quick glance that it will certainly remain engraved on guests’ mind.

The best moment arrives with the chef’s solutions that are consistent with both tradition and innovation, being inspired by both local and international food. An excellent cooking, through a combination of spices and perfumes, satisfies the most choosy gourmet.

You can satisfy any sin of greed, starting from appetizer of  fried or roasted aubergines or parmesan, artichokes in oil, beans and chicories, pittole and peperonata , then moving to first courses, such as orecchiette e minchiarieddi with ricotta forte, ciceri e tria and sagne ritorte.

If are not satisfied yet, there are meat-based second courses, like roast lamb, roulades, turcinieddi, pieces of horse with tomato sauce and sausages, with a side dish of potatoes’ croquettes, pizza with spinaches and ricotta, focaccia with fresh vegetables or pitta rustica (plain farmhouse).

In conclusion you will surely appreciate the tasteful jam tarts, apple fritters, fish almond paste, struffoli, carteddrate or the famous pasticciotto salentino.


The Location

Welcome in HotelNicolardi.it

Letting yourselves lead by exceptional landscapes, which show themselves only to those who dare to escape from the usual routes, allows to experiment new sensory experiences that can be generated only by Salento’s country

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Photos of the structure

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The Landscape

Salento’ s coast and hinterland

Salento’s and particularly Terra d’ Otranto’s identity is fully visible and enjoyable in every strip of land where you can find the vivid traces of the human work, which distinguishes periods and ages

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