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TerritorioSalento’s  and particularly  Terra d’ Otranto’s identity  is fully visible and enjoyable in every strip of land where you can find the vivid traces of the human work, which distinguishes  periods and ages.
In this area there are the influences of several cultures, which can be distinguished admiring the  local architecture.

In order to defend against assailers’ attacks, Salento’s populations built many castles which can be admired through an ideal route, moving from Otranto to the more famous Lecce and visiting Castro, Andrano, Tricase, Alessano, Presicce and Gallipoli.

If you still want to enjoy our land, you can continue to explore the rural landscape and the fortified farms, symbol of the past conflict  between dominant class and dominated one, between nobility and farmhands and based on sheep farming and cereal growing.

Covering the coast road from Gallipoli to Santa Maria di Leuca you will admire coastal towers, which sets off the natural landscape, characterized by the particular stones used by farmers to build  the typical structures of that period: “trulli” and by magnificent sculptures called “dolmen” or “horizontal stones”, which are little rooms with a rectangular plan, formed by monolithic pillars covered by a big slab. “Dolmen” are mainly situated in Giurdignano, a few kilometres far from Otranto.

Similar structures are “menhir”, also called “pietrefitte”, about four metres long parallelepipeds with a rectangular base, which is hanging because of a natural slope of the ground, and with the largest fronts oriented from north to south.

Moreover we can not leave out “specchie”, ten metres high conical structures formed by big heaps of stone and with a circular base. They are situated near the sea and were probably used as sepulchre in the “Messapi” ‘s age.
By this way you will fully admire and enjoy all the suggestive and magnificent artistic treasures offered by this magic land.

Tradiotions, Art and Gastronomy

During your stay in Salento and particularly in “Terra d’ Otranto” you will fully enjoy every moment and activity, far from the daily pains, taking part in our typical feasts and rites, such as “San Rocco’s day” in Torrepaduli, where the sacred and the profane join in the “swords’ dance”, at the rate of  our famous music: “pizzica salentina”, or such as “sagre” (in Martano or Cannole), village feasts celebrated with local gastronomy and folk music.

In the end we can not leave out the mystic processions near the sea (Otranto and Castro Marina), in honour of the patron Saints and the many popular religious feasts, which last three days and are organized in all the villages near Lecce.

These popular feasts are characterized by brilliant lights called “luminarie” and by stalls full of local sweets and souvenirs, while in the local shops there are typical handmades of pottery, papier-machè and “pietra leccese”, symbols of our wonderful land.


The Location

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Letting yourselves lead by exceptional landscapes, which show themselves only to those who dare to escape from the usual routes, allows to experiment new sensory experiences that can be generated only by Salento’s country

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Photos of the structure

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The Landscape

Salento’ s coast and hinterland

Salento’s and particularly Terra d’ Otranto’s identity is fully visible and enjoyable in every strip of land where you can find the vivid traces of the human work, which distinguishes periods and ages

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